Distinctive Woodworking

Thanks to the Ottawa Modern Quilt guild, and to Cheerfully Made Markets!

This weekend (the May 7/8) weekend was a handful.

Presenting as a vendor at the Cheerfully Made Market in Almonte with my wood turned items at the same time as my friend Krista (of http://www.quilted4you.com ) was arranging to display my quilt racks at the Ottawa Modern Quilt Guild’s event at the Ottawa RA centre made for a busy busy weekend.

Thanks to Emily Arbour of http://www.cheerfullymade.com for her hard work at creating the event in Almonte, and thanks to the Ottawa Modern Quilt Guild for their event

There was a lot of attention to the quilt racks at the Ottawa Modern Quilt Guild:  Please get in touch if you’d like some lovely furniture.

I take the perspective that an heirloom quality quilt deserves heirloom quality furniture.   If one puts hundreds of hours into creating a quilt, then skimping on a rack that will bow, bend, or warp after a few months is false economy.   I design my quilt racks to be as much of an heirloom as the quilt that is displayed on the rack. That includes quality joinery, a high quality preparation job on the wood so that there are no sharp edges or splinters, and a long lasting finish that will be compatible with the fabric of the quilt.  More expensive, but  a beautiful quilt deserves no less.


Screen Shot 2016-05-08 at 8.27.45 PM