Distinctive Woodworking

The gallery of many current pens

This is a quick  gallery of images of my currently available work on my pen-making.

Apologies for the somewhat random nature of some of these photos: the challenge with balancing woodworking, online a high tech job, cheap three children and such means that the joy of creating woodworking is often more important than maintaining the website.  The best way to discuss a particular creation, stomach whether it be a pen or furniture is to get in touch. Tell me what styles you like and I can create something just for you.

I find that the most personal experience for  commissioning a pen or a suite of pens is done by appointment.  Pens are so personal, the matter of weight,  the mechanism, the balance, the particulars of the desired wood all combine to make for an excellent reason to get together to share the love of woodworking. Most importantly: if there is a desire for something absolutely bespoke,  we can work through my collection to match the perfect piece of wood to the desired pen mechanism.

If something catches your fancy, please get in touch!

Example Laser Etchings:

Sample Engravings Sample Engravings


Maple Pen on marble A couple of more unique items IMG_2164